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27–29 April 2023

FABRI Group meeting in Würzburg: a roaring success

At the end of April, all directors of the FABRI companies came together in Würzburg for the annual FABRI Group meeting. This informal get-together provided an ideal opportunity for the various Group members to get to know one another and exchange ideas. 

FABRI is built on a culture of open communication and trusting relationships. Each business has spent years perfecting its own specific workflows and procedures. The Group allows the individual members to share tips and receive inspiration for their own businesses. Everyone thus benefits from the combined strength of the Group. 

The event kicked off with a glass of wine on Würzburg’s famous “Mainbrücke” (or Main bridge). “I have been really looking forward to this day”, said Markus Zübert, CEO of FABRI, in welcoming the Group’s directors. “In just two years, we have grown into a very strong Group, counting six amazing companies among our members – and one day, FABRI will fill the entire Mainbrücke.”

The next day was all about exchanging ideas and experiences. The directors reported from their individual businesses, addressing both the operational challenges and their solutions. Further subjects such as digitalisation and the skills shortage were also brought to the table by Daniel Lörcks, who provides technical support to the FABRI business, and discussed at great length by the participants. 

Before commencing the second culinary treat of the meeting, there was just enough time to conduct a tour of the city with Würzburg’s night watchman. This proved a particularly fun and relaxing way for the attendees to get to know and love the Franconian capital. 

When the time came to say goodbye the next morning, the feedback was resoundingly positive. Even though the Group members are able to exchange ideas whenever they need or want, coming together at such a large gathering can deliver many exciting insights and important impetus for any business. We are already looking forward to the next get-together in the spring of 2024.



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FABRI Group meeting in Würzburg: a roaring success

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