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FABRI comes from the Latin
and means


The skilled crafts stand for
reliability, quality and future
and these are also the values embodied by the FABRI Group.


FABRI unites successful enterprises in the skilled crafts – including the fields of electricity, photovoltaics, lightning protection, installation, heating & plumbing, ventilation, cooling and related areas – under a shared roof, providing them with a safe, long-term home. We consider ourselves a partner to our businesses, which continue to operate in their individual locations with the same levels of independence, flexibility and responsibility. FABRI is all about decentralization.

The reasons for this are clear: Our businesses have built a strong brand in their region and beyond. Many of the companies are steeped in tradition and that is the great strength of medium-sized enterprises. Why would we want to change anything about that?

Hände bilden einen Kreis


At FABRI, the individual companies benefit from the size of Group, while the Group profits from the distinct strengths of the separate businesses. We do this by building trusting relationships and fostering open communication.

How do we do this? We establish short communication paths rather than following corporate methods. We do not intervene in day-to-day operations, demand permanent reporting, devise cunning plans for the future or set aggressive growth targets. Instead, we see ourselves as a long-term sparring partner for our businesses – it is all about interacting as equals and simply getting on with the job in a pragmatic, down-to-earth manner.


Markus Zübert Fabri AG


Chief Executive Officer

As the Group’s CEO, Markus Zübert is responsible for the operational direction and strategic development of FABRI AG. He has been supporting medium-sized companies in various functions and managerial roles for over 20 years. He is fascinated by interesting companies and passionate entrepreneurs, who enrich the FABRI Group with their strengths and ideas. Markus lives in Bamberg with his family.


Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Thomas Waag is responsible for financial and commercial matters at FABRI. He has worked with medium-sized companies for many years as a tax adviser and auditor and is now using his extensive expertise to assist the FABRI companies with all financial issues. He also boasts 10 years of experience as a commercial director of a mid-sized family business, and is thus extremely familiar with the challenges of middle management. Thomas lives with his wife in Nuremberg.



Executive Assistant

Kai Gatzke ist als Vorstandsassistent unterstützend in der strategischen Ausrichtung und operativen Weiterentwicklung der FABRI tätig. Als Betriebswirt war er in der Beratung und als Referent der Geschäftsführung in einem mittelständischen Handwerksunternehmen tätig. In der FABRI betreut er die Bereiche Personalmanagement, Marketing, Social Media sowie gruppen-
cross-group projects.
Kai resides in Hamburg.



Christina Happich verantwortet bei der FABRI Gruppe den Bereich Mergers & Akquisitions. Vor Ihrer Zeit bei der FABRI arbeitete die Diplom-Volkswirtin über 15 Jahre in der Finanzbranche – zunächst als Portfoliomanagerin bei einer Großbank und später viele Jahre im Vertrieb & Marketing eines Vermögenverwalters. Mit ihrem Mann und den drei Kindern lebt sie in der Nähe von Frankfurt.


Business Development

Lörcks GmbH was the first company to join FABRI. Founder Daniel has since stepped back from his managerial role at the company and now acts as the professional link within the FABRI Group. He supports the operational business development of the individual Group members and coordinates the professional exchange between our various experts. Daniel is a master electrician, a qualified heating/sanitation engineer as well as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for the plumbing and heating trade. He lives with his wife directly above his business in the Eifel region.


The idea of establishing a group of successful enterprises in the skilled crafts had been growing in our minds for some time. Finally, in 2020, the FABRI Group was founded in Nuremberg with its first partner business in the form of Lörcks GmbH. From the outset, the focus has always been on uniting successful companies under one roof with the aim of making them even stronger. The FABRI Group has grown continuously ever since. 

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