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25 July 2023

Cooperation in Poland

Warsaw, 25 July 2023: Today, FABRI signed a cooperation agreement with the Polish company ELEM, which includes and defines the provision of personnel support to the FABRI Group by ELEM employees.

ELEM is an electrical installation business based in Bialystok in Eastern Poland. The company was founded in the 2011 by its two managing directors, Emil Busiewicz and Maciej Chmielewski, and currently employs around 80 staff.

The first contact between FABRI and ELEM was made back in December 2021. Since then, there have been several meetings between the two companies in both Poland and Germany, with many personal conversations and some initial professional discussions also taking place.

The strategic objective of both of ELEM’s managing partners is to collaborate with a Group of enterprises in the skilled crafts operating throughout Germany. Not only will this ensure the sustainable growth of their company, but this international presence will also facilitate the professional quality and training of their employees.

The FABRI Group initiated the first pilot project with ELEM in the 4th quarter of 2022.  In collaboration with Lörcks GmbH, a substantial electrical installation contract was successfully completed at a school in Cologne. Work on further assignments has since got underway, with at least nine joint projects to be completed by the end of 2023. All works have been carried out to a very high quality standard, and the employees collaborated to great effect – almost like old colleagues. 

“Based on these experiences, we decided to enter into a strategic cooperation agreement with ELEM”, explains Markus Zübert, CEO of FABRI. “We are thus giving all our businesses the opportunity to significantly boost their capacity and to operate with greater flexibility on a trans-regional basis. We also want to proactively support our members with the important issue of employee recruitment.”

As the operational interface within the FABRI Group, Daniel Lörcks will serve as the coordinator and central point of contact for ELEM.

We are delighted to welcome this company to the FABRI Group as part of the cooperation agreement. We are firmly convinced that both the professional aspects and the human dimension of this collaboration will play a crucial part in the future development of both companies.



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