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Personal DEVELOPMENT is a priority for the FABRI Group.   
In the face of demographic change and the resulting skills shortage, companies are increasingly facing the challenge of how to enrich their business with new knowledge and skills. In addition, due to the ongoing changes in the world of work, employees are constantly facing new requirements when it comes to competencies and working methods.

FABRI has therefore set up its own academy, which offers specialised and tailored training courses for the employees of the Group. We are of the firm conviction that motivation, training and development play a major role in the success of a business.

The FABRI Academy makes customized learning content and the corresponding materials available online. The range of training courses addresses the needs of all employees – from trainees to managers – and covers the following areas:






The FABRI Academy also covers topics which are often neglected in day-to-day business due to very high workloads. This includes the recruitment of new employees as well as websites and social media.

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